Photo of the Week: February 13, 2016


Photo Of The Week
February 13, 2016

Last week, we saw temperatures in the seventies here in the Denver area!  That’s right, the temperature gauge on our Subaru read a balmy 74 degrees on Friday – in February.  Naturally, we had to take advantage of the warm spell with a hike…so, on Friday afternoon, Kevin and I visited one of our favorite parks in outside Denver, Red Rocks, for a simple but lovely hike.

My absolute favorite part about living in Denver has to be the number of hiking spots just an easy drive away from the city and its surrounding suburbs.  Red Rocks Park is approximately twenty-five minutes away from our apartment, making a late afternoon hike easy and accessible.  I love being able to take advantage of unseasonably warm afternoons that otherwise would have been spent in an office – the outdoorsy culture is undeniable here.

Red Rocks is typically one of the first recommendations I offer up to people traveling to the area.  A scenically-rewarding and slightly physically exerting hike at Red Rocks takes only about an hour, making it perfect for those with an afternoon to fill.  During summer months, Red Rocks Amphitheater – located within the park – hosts concerts featuring a number of famous acts; in February, however, we nearly had the entire park all too ourselves.

Friday’s lovely weather didn’t last.  Unfortunately, this past weekend brought grey skies, so I spent Saturday and Sunday curled up with my latest literary obsession: All The Lives I Want by Alana Massey, a splendid essay collection featuring incisive and smart musings about popular culture, celebrity,  and intersectional feminism.  If you’re planning on taking a trip soon and are searching for the perfect airplane read…I recommend Massey’s first book heartily!  (You can buy it here).

Whenever I’m not traveling, I’m reading.  And watching the latest season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which Netflix just added on Saturday.  Books, television, writing, and travel – this sums up my life in four words.  And cinnamon buns.  Always cinnamon buns.

P.S.: Read more about hiking at Red Rocks Park here,because I’m unabashed in my love for this park and hope to inspire as many people to visit it as possible.  Seriously, the views are amazing.  My full-length article has more than one photograph, I promise.

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