Photo of the Week: December 26, 2016


Photo Of The Week
december 26

Greetings from the bustling metropolitan area of southeastern Connecticut!  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you might have noticed I took last week off in honor of the holidays.  Guys, I’ve baked so many cookies over the past ten days or so.  Snickerdoodles, brownies, brownie cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread, candy cookies – let’s just say my family had more than enough dessert to go around.

I think I need a sugar hiatus.

With Christmas in the rear view, I’m shifting gears and my primary focus is returning to this website.  Understandably, I didn’t get much exploring in last week, but I did spend a few minutes at Devil’s Hopyard State Park on Christmas Adam/Festivus – a.k.a. December 23rd.  Located in East Haddam, Connecticut, Devil’s Hopyard looked quite different from my visit back in early June, which I documented here on my blog.  Sadly, there was too much snow and not enough time for a hike, but I did take advantage of the visit and photographed the park’s popular covered bridge surrounded by the quiet winter landscape.

Idyllic, isn’t it?  Visiting Devil’s Hopyard (which is free, by the way!) felt like the calm before the Christmas storm, an endless series of whipping up batches of cookies in between lively games of Dominoes and other board games.  Now, the snow has melted – the temperature gauge is climbing towards the mid-fifties as I write this, believe it or not – but I do expect the winter weather to return before Kevin’s and my departure flight next week.  But a snowy covered bridge two days before Christmas?  Talk about a stereotypical New England scene!

I’m already looking ahead to our future travels in 2017.  My fingers are crossed for another international adventure…after all, my passport has been collecting dust since March, when Kevin and I went on our seven-country tour of northern and western Europe.  Kevin and I are both itching to head abroad again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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