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Montreal in Photographs

Montreal has always been a dream destination for me – it sounds exotic and foreign, like Paris, but is closer to my childhood home in Connecticut than Washington, D.C.  Culturally speaking, Montreal has one foot in Europe and the other in North America, and I’ve long been excited by the prospect of immersing myself in a unique cityscape and way of life without forking over one thousand dollars for an international flight.

Therefore, when an opportunity to visit presented itself in December 2015, I shook off all concerns about weather and brought Kevin and my younger sister along for the ride.  And while the temperature did not rise higher than twenty-eight degrees Fahrenheit once during our weekend adventure, no bitterly cold Canadian winter day could put a damper on our one hundred percent positive experience in Montreal.

Seriously, I have nothing negative to report about this incredible city – and trust me, this is rare.  Not because I’m a chronic complainer (I maintain this isn’t true, despite whatever Kevin says), but because few destinations manage to simultaneously exceed your expectations while remaining excessively welcoming and impeccably beautiful.

Was I nervous about conversing in English in a largely French-speaking province?  Of course!  I have some rudimentary French from three years of high school classes, but I have the tendency to freeze under pressure – although every single shopkeeper and wait staffer we encountered was perfectly patient with my botched attempts at French before proceeding to speak flawless English.

Montreal could not have afforded me a more lovely travel experience if it tried, and I had an absolute blast photographing this gorgeous, Parisian-inspired city.  As I compile this photography gallery, I realize I’m aching to return to Montreal, a splendid, completely user-friendly urban space.  And yet, surprisingly few Americans have considered visiting Montreal!

I had fun taking the photos in this collection, and I hope they inspire you to add this accessible, beautiful Canadian city to your travel bucket list:

Montreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, CanadaMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in PhotographsMontreal in Photographs

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