Glasgow: A City in Photographs


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Glasgow, Scotland

All over Glasgow, Scotland signs display the city’s slogan: “People Make Glasgow.” That locals form the heart of the city makes sense, especially given Edinburgh, the nation’s capital, has long been favored by tourists for its medieval streets and enchanting hilltop castle.  Glasgow’s main offering is its modernity, and the city’s reputation as a rock and alternative music mecca is world renowned.

Glasgow in Photographs

Glasgow International is one of the country’s two primary airports, and most visitors touch down on the tarmac, rent a car, and head into the picturesque highlands that Scotland is so famous for.  Without knowing much about the city, I planned a one night’s stay in Glasgow – a city that, up until a few decades ago, had a petty crime problem and was completely covered in soot.

I was pleased to discover a working metropolis that feels lived-in and authentic; not much in Glasgow is inundated with tourists and kitsch.  Sure, Glasgow has been cleaned up and given an overall face-lift, but the rough-around-the-edges character wasn’t lost in the process.  The result is a fun, vibrant city with incredible Victorian and Edwardian era architecture; in fact, the city’s spectacular architecture is its major tourist draw.  And, I thought to myself, what better way to share what I saw than in a photo tour of Glasgow?

Glasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, ScotlandGlasgow in PhotographsGlasgow, ScotlandNecropolis, Glasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland

Personally, I’m not a fan of the British television show Doctor Who, but here is an Easter egg for those who are:

Glasgow, Scotland

The best way to enjoy Scotland is on foot; for those with limited mobility, Glasgow has plenty of those “hop on, hop off” tourist buses travelers see in every major city.  Glasgow truly is a beautiful, remarkable city – it may not be for everybody, but it’s one of my favorite European metropolises and compiling this photo gallery reminded me why.  Stunning architecture?  Check.  Walkable downtown?   Check.  Absurd, one-of-a-kind attraction? Check, thanks to the hilltop Necropolis.  And, of course, there’s the friendly Glaswegians themselves.

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