May 2016 In Photos


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May 2016 in Photos

Is it just me, or is this year flying by?  It’s already June 2, which means I have precisely eight days left as a D.C. resident.  Even though Kevin and I will be packing up the moving truck just two months shy of my three-year D.C. anniversary, I couldn’t be more excited about our decision to venture west.

All throughout May, our move to Denver has been on the horizon, which left little time/money/energy for exploring.  In the middle of the month, however, we did manage to spend a lazy Sunday morning at my favorite spot in the D.C. area, Great Falls National Park.  Kevin and I have visited this lovely waterfall, just a short twenty-five minute drive from downtown, a grand total of five times.  Suffice it to say, we’re obsessed.

Great Falls Park, McLean, VirginiaKate The Globetrotter

We didn’t have time for even a short hike at Great Falls – we rented a car for the day with the sole purpose of gathering boxes for the great move.  As a result, our living room has transformed into a box graveyard and, with more than half of our belongings packed away, guess where any object we need seems to be?  That’s right, taped up in one of the 1.5 million boxes that line our living room wall.

On May 26, we hopped up to Connecticut to visit my family once more before moving, since a flight to Bradley will soon require more time/money/energy than our current fifty-five minute puddle jumper.

At least, in theory.  Y’all will never guess where I’m writing this from: a grounded JetBlue airplane, delayed on the runway for at least an hour while a thunderstorm passes through D.C.  The most ridiculous part is that we weren’t even supposed to be on this plane!  Kevin and I were originally scheduled to fly back last night, but that JetBlue plane had a mechanical problem and the entire flight was cancelled.  So, alas, here we are.

May 2016 in Photos

My view at the moment.  If you’ve ever wondered what the runway at Bradley looks like, here you go!

I must commend JetBlue and their staff at Bradley International Airport for how they have handled the situation.  Every single person we interacted with was understanding and went above and beyond what we expected, especially since the clerks at the check-in counter have absolutely nothing to do with a mechanical problem on board.  This entire experience reinforced my love of this airline.

Update: the man in the aisle across from us told someone over the phone that he thinks JetBlue is lying about the thunderstorm.  His theory is that JetBlue is covering up for a mechanical problem and doesn’t want passengers to get too upset.  While I happen to disagree, I understand where he’s coming from: our boarding this evening was delayed thirty minutes thanks to a “minor mechanical problem” on board.

Update 2.0: another man is pestering one of the flight attendants, saying that he checked out the weather forecast for D.C. and observed the skies appear to be mostly clear, with showers starting around 8pm.  Conspiracy theories abound, I tell you.  These poor flight attendants.

While it may seem otherwise, our trip up to Connecticut included more than airline mishaps.  For the first time in a few months, I had the opportunity to bake my little heart out and I spent all morning on Sunday preparing cornbread, snickerdoodles, chocolate sugar cookies, and crescent rolls.  Oh, and homemade pancakes.  I’ve been on a real pancake kick for the past month or so – I’m sure you all understand.

Kate the Globetrotter May 2016 in Photos

Baking is a serious passion, despite the stereotype that travelers are supposed to be inept in the kitchen.  I own such an array of kitchen gear and cooking utensils that Kevin, my mother, and literally everyone else I’ve ever fed likes to joke that I should start my own bakery.  However, I’m perfectly content to keep baking in between adventures.

Speaking of content, the two happiest creatures on Earth were overjoyed at our week-long sojourn in Connecticut.  Look at these fluffy, happy faces!  Indy the Golden Retriever is easily my favorite dog alive, and Ellie, a Bernese Mountain Dog, joined the family after I moved to D.C. but I’ve warmed up to her.  I mean, how could you not??

May 2016 in Photos

May 2016 in PhotosMay 2016 in Photos

Seriously, the camera roll on my cell phone is 62% dog photos at the moment.  These pups may be cute, but they don’t sit still for long, thus making quality photographs rather difficult.

Well, I did warn you guys that May was rather uneventful – quite the opposite of March, when we spent seventeen days gallivanting around Europe.  Truth be told, we have appreciated the downtime, and I expect that next month’s recap will be much more fun, what with the cross-country move and all.

Who knows, maybe Kansas will defy our expectations and prove to be exciting.  Until then, I have more than a few fun pieces for the blog this month, wherein I’ll finally be tackling some of my backlog from Scotland, my favorite country visited on our last trip to Europe.  If you’ve never been to Scotland, stay tuned – I have some photographs that will make you start pricing out airline tickets!

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