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Under Orange Skies and Purple Clouds: Unforgettable Sunsets

I’m a sunset person, without a doubt.  Since I’m a night owl who values sleep far too much to ever wake up to see the sunrise, I probably prefer sunsets by default.  Even when I’m home, typing away in my home office, I always peek out my window at the end of the day, hoping to catch a glimpse of pink and orange reflecting on the Potomac.  It should come as no surprise that some of the most memorable moments of vacations past are of sunsets.  Here, I share with you some of the most memorable: Continue reading

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Five Green Getaways From Washington, D.C.

Whether you live in our nation’s capital and desperately need a day of fresh air or you’re an out-of-towner looking to put that final vacation day to good use, here is a list of my five favorite green getaways from Washington, D.C.  Each destination is less than two hours away from downtown by car, and can easily be enjoyed in a day.  Don’t forget to pack a water bottle!

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