Urban Panoramas



I have a not-so-secret travel obsession: whenever I’m in a new city, I love to seek out a birds-eye view of my surroundings.  One can learn so much about a city just by looking at it from above.  Where did the city start?  Where did it expand?  Where is its current heart?

In my urban travels, I’m particularly interested in trying to discover each cities’ claim to fame.  This, in turn, tells me a lot about the culture I’m in.  Munich, as you’ll see below, is littered with church spires, whereas Istanbul is the city of a thousand minarets.  Paris is caught somewhere in between the old and the new, while Salzburg looks as though it hasn’t changed in centuries.  Vienna was never behind the Iron Curtain – but it sure looks like it was.  Meanwhile, would you have been able to even tell the difference between Baltimore and Pittsburgh if I hadn’t labelled them?  While colorful roofs are a hallmark of Scandinavia, Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, looks like an unplanned maze compared to Reykjavik’s famous grid.

I hope you enjoy this gallery!  All pictures belong to me, so please do not reproduce or reuse without asking for my permission.

Baltimore Skyline

Baltimore, Maryland.  Taken May 2014.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; August 2014

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco, California; February 2015

View From Hallgrimskirkja Church

Reykjavik, Iceland; April 2015

View From Eiffel Tower At Night

Paris, France; April 2015

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway; April 2015

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria; September 2015

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein; September 2015

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany; September 2015

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria; September 2015

View From Galata Tower

Istanbul, Turkey; September 2015

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