Photo of the Week: November 9, 2015


Massachusetts Photo Of The Week
cape cod

The Cape’s stunning Atlantic coastline always gets all of the photographic love – and with good reason.  The untouched, undeveloped beaches may be pristine and beautiful, but so are the many lakes that dot the region.  In June of 2012, I managed to capture this lovely sunset and its reflection on Great Pond, a lake in Eastham, Massachusetts.

I spent my childhood summers visiting Cape Cod with my parents, a continuation of a tradition from my dad’s youth, when his parents had taken him to the very same spots he later brought me to.  Every summer, he’d bring us to the same seafood restaurant he went to as a child, which, even in the 1990s, still had the exact same paper place mat from the early sixties that featured instructions for how to properly cook and eat a lobster.  It didn’t matter that Jen, my sister, was more interested in looking at the live lobsters in the viewing tank than eating them and I refused to order anything but the macaroni and cheese with cornbread.

Sorry, I digress.  Let’s turn our attention back to this jaw-dropping sunset.  You might be thinking, the Cape is famous for its beaches – why chill by a lake when we could have whiled away the day at Nauset Light or Coast Guard?  Valid point, especially since there was a lake five minutes away from our house in eastern Connecticut.

Simply put, my mother hated going to the beach during the day.  A true frugal New Englander, she refused to fork over the small entrance and parking fee.  Also, and arguably more justifiably, my mom, dad, and sister burn easily – I, however, just get even more tan than I naturally am.  Thank you, Mediterranean skin!  I’ve only been burned twice in my life, and each time, it was because I’d sat in the blazing sun for more than six hours straight without sunscreen, which I refused to use, because, you know, I’d never been burned.  (Oops.  I’ve since learned.)  At any rate, to avoid direct sunlight, an entrance fee, and crowds, we’d spend a few daylight hours at Great Pond, which was a short walk away from the house we’d rent for the week, and save the beach for dawn and dusk.

In choosing a photo for this week’s post, it dawned on me that I haven’t been to the Cape since I snapped this picture, three and a half years ago.  How has it been that long?  Sadly, that lobster joint I mentioned earlier has gone out of business, but there are still plenty of places to eat macaroni and cheese on the Cape while watching the sunset.

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