Photo of the Week: November 2, 2015


District of Columbia Photo Of The Week
November 2: DC From Above

I snapped this photograph in October 2014, just minutes after departing from Reagan National Airport.  Now that I’ve lived in D.C. for two and a half years, I find myself taking this beautiful city for granted.  Oftentimes, I’m too caught up in complaining about D.C.’s horrible gentrification problem or its inefficient public transit and I forget to admire my home base.  Which, let’s be honest, is pretty incredible – especially from above.  It helps that D.C. is one of those rare cities with an airport close to downtown, and offers a welcome change from the aerial views of industrial areas and fast food joints that frequently accompany takeoffs and landings.

Let me just say this: departure adrenaline gets me every time.  For me, adventures start when the plane takes off or the key turns in the ignition. I’m the type of traveler who believes that sometimes, half the fun is in “getting there.”  This particular excursion was a quick forty-five minute puddle jumper to Hartford, Connecticut, where my sister met me at the airport in order to surprise our parents for their twenty-eighth wedding anniversary.  I hadn’t seen my family in months, and the first words my mother uttered were, “But, where’s Kevin?”  She was disappointed when I said he had to work…can you guess who her favorite is?  (Hint: it’s the son-in-law.)

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