istanbulMy name is Kate Ericson, a lifelong small-town girl from New England.  I was born in Willimantic, Connecticut in 1992 – and I think I came into this world ready to explore it and subsequently write about it.  I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of travel, and I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to write.  I was that kid in the ninth grade who always wrote 500 words over the teacher’s minimum word requirement for any given assignment.  So, this blog is a culmination of my two greatest passions: exploring and writing.

Just three months after finishing up my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Connecticut, I moved to Washington, D.C. and started work on my Master’s at George Washington University.  It was my first time living outside Connecticut and I didn’t know anybody in the city.  I found work as a nanny for minimum wage, and it was hard, undervalued labor, especially since I was going to school full-time. A few months into my studies, I met a web developer/Seattle transplant who, unbeknownst to me at the time, would eventually become my lifelong travel partner.  A writer and a tech nerd – how does that work?  It turned out we had one crazy passion in common: adventure.  We travel and work well together.  In addition to playing the part of logistical wizard on all of our trips, Kevin also made this gorgeous website possible.

Long story short: Before I met Kevin, I’d lived my life in books, and my studies were simply not making me happy anymore. Relative to most, I’d traveled quite a bit before I met Kevin, but with a few notable exceptions, most flights were to visit various family members across the United States.  In fact, prior to a trip to British Columbia Kevin and I took in November 2014, I’d only left the country once – my parents took my four-year-old self to Canada, an excursion that, much to my parents’ confusion, I have no recollection of.

Typical conversation from when I was in high school:

Me: “Mom, Dad, this year we should take a vacation to someplace outside the United States! I’d love to visit Italy or Mexico or New Zealand or…”

Mother: “We took you to Canada that one time, and you rode the bee ride over and over and cried when you lost your hat. How do you not remember this?”


Truth is, I’m lucky my parents had the means to make our yearly excursions to Cape Cod or New Hampshire possible.  Given my lifelong love of travel and photography, these New England destinations only whetted my existing appetite.  I wanted to cease reading about places I thought I’d never have the chance to visit and start experiencing them.  Kevin and I were twenty-one when we met, and already, Kevin had traveled all throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and parts of the Caribbean and North Africa. He’s always been someone with a penchant for turning “We should…” into reality, and we’ve since made a life of travel our reality.


Most of my passions go hand-in-hand with the semi-nomadic life Kevin and I lead.  I love photography, hiking, art, and literature, and all of these topics make a regular appearance on my blog.  The one hobby that doesn’t travel well?  Baking.  I am an obsessive baker and self-taught chef who never passes up the opportunity to feed others.  Cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, breads – I adore making (and subsequently eating) all of these goodies from scratch.  I use more garlic in a week than is probably healthy.  Whenever we’re home, our kitchen overfills with empty egg cartons, dirty 9×5 loaf pans, and the smell of freshly-baked cinnamon buns in the oven.  In my experience, this makes leaving the Bavarian Alps or a small central Mexican village a little easier.  Soon enough, however, I’m itching to plan our next adventure.

We moved to Denver, Colorado in June 2016, and love every part of our new home base.  The relocation made perfect sense: I’m a total mountain bum, and Kevin missed the rugged scenery of the West absent in the D.C. area. My beloved camera certainly gets a workout in the spectacular Denver area, and I’m thrilled to live in a place more conducive to Kevin’s and my lifestyle.

Through photography and my writing, I want to share spectacular destinations with people from all walks of life and show others that adventure is more accessible than we tend to think.  I’m passionate about the world – and I want to help you discover it.

Lycklig resa!

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